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Prism Xpat is a fully independent and fully regulated financial planning organisation focussed on providing extremely high quality financial assistance for emigrants between the UK to Australia. They are owned and managed by a combination of UK and Australian Actuaries and Financial Advisers.

The services provided by Prism Xpat are focussed on emigrants to Australia as well as Australian expatriates in the UK. These include the following:

  • Advice on how to enhance your wealth on emigrating to Australia. This includes advice on shares, investments, properties, bank accounts, currency, endowments, and insurances amongst others.
  • International Pension Analysis; Strategies and Transfers. Prism Xpat have the highest possible qualifications in this area providing tailored advice considering your visa and residence status both prior to leaving the UK and after arriving in Australia. No scheme is too complex.
    Strategies are available for retirees and non-retirees to boost your pension income on emigrating and save you up to 48.5% of your UK pension.

The Prism Xpat process:

  • 'Step-by-Step' pre-emigration financial planning meetings at a number of locations throughout the UK (including London, Oxford and Manchester) to guide you through the main financial considerations on emigrating to Australia as they apply to your own financial situation.
  • Written financial plans and optimisation strategies backed up by a team of advisers and administrators who are there to help you all the way from your first meeting until you are fully settled in the other country.
  • Continuity of service to ensure you are looked after when arriving in Australia through our alliance partners throughout Australia.
  • Actuarial staff. Prism Xpat are fortunate to have Australian Actuaries amongst their staff in the UK. Only a Scheme Actuary is permitted to calculate transfer value calculations for final salary pension schemes. Prism Xpat can therefore provide you with recommendations on whether any pension transfer valuation is a fair one for the benefits you're giving up (this is not always the case).

For a chat about your circumstances or to make an appointment with one of their specialist advisers, Prism Xpat can be contacted as follows:

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