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Chartered Accountant and Tax Adviser

Peter Thomas is a Chartered Accountant, based in Sydney, Australia, who specialises in advising international executives and other people who are moving between tax jurisdictions.

Until commencing private practice in 2003, Peter was a partner, for more than 20 years, of KPMG, the Big 4 accounting and advisory firm. When he retired from KPMG he was a senior partner in the firm's International Executive Services Group where he advised clients like QANTAS, Deutsche Bank, UBS and the telecommunications company, Optus.

As well as advising corporations on the tax and related issues which arise when they move executives between jurisdictions, Peter advised many individuals on the issues which they should take into account when moving to or from Australia. These might include, tax residence, capital gains tax, superannuation, foreign income rules, employee share plan rules, estate planning and immigration rules.

Peter can assist you in planning your move in a way which ensures you comply with the law, while at the same time building in flexibility and taking advantage of tax saving and tax deferral opportunities. He works closely with a client's advisers in the other jurisdiction to ensure that all cross border issues are recognised and properly factored into the advice provided.

Peter also has a background in corporate tax and is therefore able to assist you in structuring your business activities in Australia.

His approach is hands-on. He seeks to build long term relationships with clients so that clients look to him as a financial and business adviser as well as a tax adviser. He will respond promptly to clients in straight-forward, simple to understand language. His advice is practical and relevant and is pitched in a way that will have the maximum chance of withstanding scrutiny by the Australian taxation authorities.

Peter's contact details are -

  • Address: Level 9, 190 George Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
  • Tel: +61 (0)2 9251 3025
  • Email:

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